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Indicators and Impact Measuring Tools
for Human Rights Training Activities in NGOs

January 2004 - Cairo, Egypt    |    other working sessions

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The Arab Institute for Human Rights organized two workshops in Cairo (April 2001) and Marrakech (June 2002) on the issues of education and training in human rights field. In those workshops, the participants discussed the following issues: 

·        The current international challenges facing HRE. 

·        The place of the training in the policies of NGO’s. 

·        The degree of coherence between the programs and tools in the proposed trainings and the specific needs of NGO’s and their targeted populations. 

·        Development of strategies to establish directives, indicators and common tools for evaluation. 

·        Exchange of experiences (good practices and problems) in the field of HRE.

This  workshop (Cairo 2004) represents a follow-up of these two workshops and it will have as a principal subject the measure of the impact issues of training activities in human rights NGO’s. 

It is significant to note that the AIHR started in the end of 2002 action studies to measure the impact of a significant number of training activities which it organized since 1998. The countries considered in these studies are Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, Jordan and Palestine. The activities of training that were selected, are the regional annual training courses in human rights "Anabtawi" that gather each year about 50 participants coming from different Arab NGO’s;  general and specialized training of trainers courses;  training courses in human rights for the journalists. 

The workshop of Cairo will be an occasion to present the results of these  studies which will open the debate on the various obstacles and problems that face the NGO’s when measuring the impact of their training activities. 


Objectives of the workshop: 

1 – To evaluate the use by NGO’s of the impact tools measure in their human rights training activities. 

2 – To exchange concrete experiences (practical obstacles and  good practices) of NGO’s as regards measure of the impact of HR training activities.

3 – To work out strategies and common indicators and tools for measuring the impact of HR training activities.


Topics proposed in this workshop

1 – Follow-up of the Marrakech workshop : 

-  Report on the conclusions of the Marrakech workshop (June 2002). 

2 – Presentation of an introductory paper on the issues, the tools and the indicators for impact measure of human rights training activities. 

3 - Problems that face the measure of the impact of training through the studies actions carried out by the AIHR. 

4 – Identification of the " good practices " in the field of the measure of the impact in relation to practical experiences. 

5 – Identification of indicators and impact measuring tools for human rights training activities (working groups) 

Focus Areas

                    -  Human rights training in the formal school education system (students, high-school pupils...)

                    -  Training of professionals (teachers, lawyers,  journalists…). 

                    -  Training of human rights NGO’s members. 

6 -  Identification of indicators and impact measuring tools for human rights training activities (working groups)

Selected issues

                    -  Training of trainers in human rights

                    -  Training on the use of modern information and documentation technologies. 

                    -  Human rights training manuals, textbooks and tools. 

7 – Elaboration of a document which will summarize the  debates and the reports of the working groups and the plenary meetings on « the Identification of indicators and impact measuring tools for human rights training activities »

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