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Accountability and Evaluation
in Human Rights Education and Training

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Purpose and Objectives

Purpose and objectives of the Conference:

One of the main objectives of the Conference is to confront ideas and opinions in relation to accountability and evaluation in HRE. There are many theoretical and practical questions to be answered. There are different ideological and practical positions and conception to be confronted . It is interesting to point out that the educators from the informal sector (popular education) that are working in HRE have many doubts particularly on accountabilility.

It is an objective of the Conference to advance in the understanding of same of the concepts and language been used in the field: accountability, summative evaluation , formative evaluation, qualitative and quantitative evaluation, impact etc. As well to be aware of the reasons and purpose of accountability and evaluation in HRE, and to identify the political and ideological tensions that accountability and evaluation in HRE implies.

It is a purpose of the Conference to interchange experiences that has been developed in the field of accountability and evaluation of HRE projects at the micro (field experiences) and macro level (big projects, State commitments).

The Conference will try to built bridges with topics close to HRE : education for citizenship, education for democracy, education for peace, education for tolerance, no discrimination and social and cultural diversity (gender, indigenous disable people etc) and to learn from them their experience in evaluating their programs.

Finally it is a purpose of the Conference to publish the results of the Conference and to disseminate it.

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