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Dear Educators, Colleagues and Friends,

The University of Minnesota Human Rights Center and Growing Communities for Peace are delighted to announce the opening of the Online Human Rights and Peace Store. The store has been an important tool for bringing Human Rights and Peace Education to our schools, homes, workplaces and communities for many years. We hope that our new online venue will provide an easy access to Human Rights and Peace Education books, curricula, posters, training guides, multimedia materials, gifts, bookmarks, kindness currency, and other resources.

We hope that you will consider ordering from the store for your school, college or university, non-profit organization, place of worship, Human Rights Commission, or just for yourself. We currently have over 300 resources, but are planning to expand our inventory as we move forward. We are striving to be flexible and responsive to educators’ needs and interests. We always appreciate recommendations of materials and other tools that practitioners find to be useful in the field.

We hope you enjoy the store and look forward to your feedback and suggestions! Most of the proceeds of the store will support our human rights education activities, free educator workshops, and online curricula resources!

For questions, suggestions, and ideas, please contact Rebecca Janke at or Natela Jordan at You can also reach us by phone at 651-214-8282, 612-626-0041, or 1-888-473-3828.

If you would like to send us a review copy, please mail it to

University of Minnesota Human Rights Center
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