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Human Rights and Peace Store: About Us

Educate for Peace, Human Rights and Democracy. In order to combat the culture of violence that pervades our society, the coming generation deserves a radically different education – one that does not glorify war but educates for peace, nonviolence and international cooperation.

-- The Hague Appeal for Peace

About Us

The Human Rights and Peace Store

A Tool for Bringing Human Rights and Peace Education into our Schools, Homes, Workplaces, and Communities

What is the Human Rights and Peace Store?

To make Human Rights and Peace Education books, curricula, posters, training guides, multi-media materials, gifts, bookmarks, kindness currency, and other resources easily accessible to educators, students, community organizers, youth workers, and parents.

This special collection of Human Rights and Peace Education products represents years of research and networking to find through links with partnering human rights and peace organizations, publishers, small presses, and other hard-to-find community-based initiatives.

The continued growth and development of the Human Rights and Peace Store depends on you. Please let us know, if you find or produce a great resource that we should add to this collection. Either email your suggestion to or send a review copy to:

The Human Rights and Peace Store
University of Minnesota
N-120 Mondale Hall
229 – 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Growing Communities for Peace and the Human Rights Resource Center have combined their resources and vast networks to bring human rights and peace education materials to the forefront for Preschool through Adult education learners. We see the importance of integrating the knowledge base and practices of human rights and peace education, because of the richness these blended domains can offer to the challenging world in which we live. These materials provide a new lens for working for justice, peace, and democracy, so that all human beings can grow and develop to their full potential with dignity and human rights.

Growing Communities for Peace is a nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive peace education:

  • Through written materials that we develop, write, pilot and produce, including several curricula, our newsletters, and our new book, The Compassionate Rebel;
  • With students in classrooms helping them learn conflict resolution and peacemaking skills including ways to take social action for peace;
  • With teachers in workshops and trainings helping them learn additional ways to develop respectful, caring classrooms;
  • With parents and families, helping them learn nonviolent communication skills in order to make their homes more peaceful.

The Human Rights Resource Center is an integral part of the University of Minnesota Human Rights Center and works in partnership with the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library to:

  • Produce and distribute Human Rights Education (HRE) resources via electronic and print media;
  • Train activists, teachers, students, and other professionals as human rights educators;
  • Build learning circles and advocacy networks to encourage effective practices in human rights education.