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Amnesty International USA
Amnesty's Human Rights Education Program has produced an excellent September 11 Crisis Response Guide that puts these events in the context of human rights and humanitarian law. To obtain a copy, contact nsullivan@aiusa.org. For a specific activity, see September 11 and International Humanitarian Law.

Choices for the 21st Century Education Program

"Responding to Terrorism: Challenges for Democracy" helps high school teachers raise the issue of terrorism.

"Shifting Sands: Balancing U.S. Interests in the Middle East" draws students into the policy debate on a range of issues in the region. http://www.choices.edu/edsummaries/mideastpage.html

Facing History and Ourselves
An excellent collection of readings, lessons, ideas and resources from the Facing History community.

The Human Rights Education Series

Education in human rights is itself a fundamental human right and also a responsibility: the Preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) exhorts every individual and every organ of society to ãstrive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms.ä Published by the Human Rights Resource Center at the University of Minnesota in partnership with the Stanley Foundation, the Human Rights Education Series seeks to meet this responsibility by providing resources for the ever-growing body of educators and activists seeking to build a culture of human rights in the United States and throughout the world. The HRE Series is edited by Nancy Flowers.

Rethinking Schools
The articles in this special "War, Terrorism, and America's Classrooms" insert are available at the Rethinking Schools website, many in pdf format.

The September 11 Digital Archive: Saving the histories of September 11, 2001
The September 11 Digital Archive uses electronic media to collect, preserve, and present the history of the September 11, 2001 and the public responses to them.

September 11 Resources
Provided by the University of Arizona, September 11 Resources offers an extensive, well-organized collection of links on everything from the Afghanistan War to War Crimes.

9/11 as History Initiative
Prepared by the Family and Work Institute, this resource offer curricula, resource lists and tips for educators and parents to Help children commemorate September 11.

Teaching 9-11-01
Created by the Clarke Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Contemporary Issues at Dickinson College, this site provides hundreds of useful links for teachers, including lists of resources, sample lesson plans, syllabi and modules.