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Get the (free) Macromedia Flash Player
(Version 8,0,22,0 or better)

You may allow your Internet browser to try to help you install Macromedia Flash Player automatically
when you run the Human Rights Process Model Interactive Tool.
Watch for a thin bar to appear (in most browsers) at the top of the page that tells you something like:
"This site might require the following ActiveX control: 'Macromedia Flash Player 8 from Macromedia, Inc.'. Click here to install..." Click anywhere on that bar to install the necessary Flash Player plug-in.


You may go to Macromedia's website and download it manually.
You may have to then open the installation file from your desktop (or wherever your Browser saved the downloaded file). When you click on the button to download the player installation file, be sure to read the small window (in most browsers) that tells you the name of the file and where it will be saved. If, during the download process, you are asked whether you wish to save the file to your computer or run/install it, choose the run or install option.

You may also find more information on Macromedia's Support site.