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The Human Rights Resource Center is an integral part of the University of Minnesota Human Rights Center and works in partnership with the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library to: 

Human Rights Resource Center Receives 2009 Best of Minneapolis Award

U.S. Commerce Associations Award Plaque Honors the Achievement

WASHINGTON D.C., June 8, 2009 -- Human Rights Resource Center has been selected for the 2009 Best of Minneapolis Award in the Research Institute category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

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K-12 Human Rights Education Initiative and Curriculum

HR Education Materials

The Human Rights Resource Center makes excellent HRE resources produced by non-profit organizations and independent publishers accessible to all. These resources include more than 50 curricula, guides, videos, documents, and other educational aids. The Resource Center also creates and publishes innovative materials through its own Human Rights Education Series. Our two human rights Web sites contain thousands of materials essential for anyone with interests in international human rights. 

HRE Training and Field Opportunities

The Resource Center has established a team of highly experienced educators to facilitate human rights workshops. Each training is custom-made for the particular community and context, and typically Resource Center educators work in partnerships with trainers from sponsoring organizations. Special emphasis is given to the "action" component of training, offering participants meaningful, appropriate, and effective ways to respond to the issues involved.

HRE Advocacy Networks

The Human Rights Resource Center builds partnerships with advocacy groups around the world to promote their human rights education resources and training opportunities. One such effort is the creation of the Global Human Rights Education List Serv, a joint initiative of the Human Rights Education Associates and the Human Rights Resource Center. More than 1,500 members from approximately 100 countries share ideas, resources, and strategies for human rights education. To register see the Resource Center Web site

Contact us at:  humanrts@umn.edu  or (612) 626-0041

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